…To Those Who Wait

While many New Englanders hunkered down and prepared for the worst, there were those among us who geared up and prepared for the best…

…well at least the best we’ve had in a while.  All the hype surrounding Nemo gave us hope that at least the resort skiing scene would get back on track, and in many ways it did.  The storm tracked further south than would have been preferred by some skiers, but pockets of the North received a healthy dose of our favorite natural resource.  Determined not to miss a single ounce of the precious stuff, and not to be marooned in the soon to be paralyzed Boston, we hit the road at the crack of dawn Friday morning.

The Clipper components  of the storm arrived over Northern VT early on Friday, delivering a good refresher dose to the ailing snowpack.  We skied Jay for the day and then followed the weather southeast toward the center of the storm.  For the arrival of the Nor’easter we wagered that Wildcat would have the best ratio of slope-angle to snow.  We hit the jackpot and were greeted by upwards of two feet of dense snow which filled in  all but the largest nooks and crannies in the Northern Whites.  For day one, we hit the slopes armed with insulating layers and GoPros.  Stay tuned for some highlights!  Day two brought a spectacular blue-bird day with temps mercifully approaching the 20s and almost no wind.  We decided to take advantage of the  great conditions and pull out the point-and-shoots, just so we’d have evidence of the shredding that was perpetrated once winter finally returned…

IMG_4751 IMG_4795IMG_4886 IMG_4889IMG_4980 IMG_4984IMG_4998 IMG_5000


Thusly rejuvenated, we returned to Boston to get back to work so we’d be ready for the next time Old Man Winter decided to come out of hiding.

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