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To escape the Seattle area weather, it was time for some winter camping! Also, it was Atlas’ first camping experience, and thus the first time he has made it on the site. Last September Catherine and I got Atlas as an eight week old German Shorthair Pointer puppy! Now he’s old enough to come with us on some adventures.

Dylan, Catherine, Atlas and I loaded up and headed out just before a huge rainstorm hit, and absconded to the desert of Vantage for camping, hiking, and maybe some bouldering. It was cold, hovering around freezing, but not terribly cold for winter camping.

After unpacking, we cooked up some food and got Atlas used to the idea of sleeping on his bed on a rock. Cue photo montage.

The Feathers

Views of the Feathers across the way, and an empty camping area

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Dylan and Atlas wait for us to catch up

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That night, Atlas stayed with us in the tent and slept through the whole night! Luckily we’d brought his own personal down blanket because his short hair left him shivering without it.

The next day Atlas, Dylan and I got up early to revisit some cool spots by the Sunshine Wall. First Atlas had to make it through the crevice, though, which involved a puppy hand off.
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Afterwards we walked along the base of the cliffs and above the talus field. I’m not sure if Atlas would’ve ventured down onto the Talus, but we kept him on the lease just in case.

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We inspected some new routes and scrambled our way out, which required some overhead puppy presses. Atlas was apprehensive, but still lead the way back.

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By the afternoon, we decided we’d enjoyed the quiet but had enough of standing around in the cold. We packed up and headed out, but not before driving down the road to check out a view of the Columbia river.






All in all, Atlas’ fist trip went great! We know he’ll be ready for some hikes come this summer.

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