Wild Eastern Oregon

For the 4th, Catherine and I were kindly invited down to central-eastern Oregon for some off the beaten path relaxation. Catherine’s Aunt Nancy and her fiance Dwayne took us in and showed us what Eastern Oregon is all about: trap shooting, off-roading, hikes, and planned siestas.

We split our time touring and sightseeing places like Dixie mountain, Strawberry Lake, and being introduced to shooting Trap, as well as getting shown around a ranch riding ATVs. It was a blast, and we took it easy, which was great. There’s nothing like hanging out on the 4th, and a watching light-your-own fireworks show.

Nancy and Dwayne were great hosts, who played card games with us like Crap on your neighbor and Sequence. Here’s some photos of the trip.

DSC01978 DSC01981 DSC01987 DSC01988 DSC01990 DSC01993 DSC01994 DSC01995 DSC02001


Sadly, Catherine and I had to leave all too soon, especially with the long drive home. We made the most of it, and took a recommendation from Nancy and Dwayne to stop at the John Day Fossil Beds on the scenic route back. The Fossil Beds had an amazing visitor center, and the landscapes is home to fossils dating back to 65 million years ago, with species that cannot be found anywhere else. The fauna was preserved by 60 successive lava flows spaced out approximately 8,000 years apart. As the canyons have eroded, it’s revealed the history.

DSC02003 DSC02005 DSC02007 DSC02013 DSC02014 DSC02018


Not long after leaving the Fossil beds, we passed through Cottonwood Canyon and got a look at Mt. Jefferson, Hood, Adams, and St. Helens all at once.

DSC02031 DSC02033 DSC02035 DSC02038 DSC02039 DSC02042 DSC02043 DSC02052 DSC02048 DSC02045 DSC02053


Needless to say, the drive was worth it, and we’d go back in a second!

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