Winter has arrived

Yesterday Sweeney and I headed up to the Whites planning to get another look from atop Franconia Ridge.  We’d both done the Lincoln – Lafayette loop a few times, via falling waters trial, but it’s a solid day hike with great views and a healthy portion of elevation change-perfect for conditioning for the back country. We got on the trail around 9:40, and made good time up to Little Haystack. Along the way we crossed some pretty serious ice, making me wish I owned some micro-spikes.

Edit: Sweeney put up his account and some extra photos with a gps route.

Sweeney on top of Little Haystack

The ridge was fairly clear, though there was heavy cloud cover above and a bit of a haze surrounding the nearby peaks.  More than once the wind tried to blow us off the mountain, and it was constantly ripping at our clothes and tossing bits of snow around.  We inspected some of the slides on either side as we passed them.  Somewhere near Lincoln it hit me: I’m ready for ski season.  Winter is coming, and it’s almost here.  We couldn’t help but get psyched up for the coming season.

Looking at Lincoln from Little Haystack

The descent from Lafayette was a blast, but a little slow going because of the wind and slick footing, until we got down to Greenleaf Hut, now closed for the season.   Even so we made record time on the hike, and headed out to get a well deserved dinner.

Ski Season prep

I’ve been watching a ton of ski films lately, getting ready for the season.  I’ve still got to get my new setup squared away though.  I picked up some used Heli Daddys and I plan to put some Fritsche bindings on them to do some touring this season.  It should be sweet.

We’ll see what this season has in store for us.  This year hopefully I’ll be doing less racing, but more skiing.

I’ll throw up a link to more photos from the hike when Sweeney posts them on his site.


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