Worth Skis: For the Consummate New England Skier

This past weekend, Rob, Ziehl and I made our way back up north on our perpetual quest for soft turns and steep lines.  Our first stop was Smuggs which might have been decent were it not for the bullet proof crust that had been whipped up by the wind and mixed precip…  After throwing in the towel at the resort, sidecountry, and backcountry, we refueled and set our sights on Jay in hopes that it’s higher latitudes and prevailing weather patterns would… well, prevail.  We rolled in around 10 AM, mustered as much enthusiasm as we could, geared up and hit the Bonaventure Quad.  From the lift we got a good look at the scratchy conditions: exposed water bars, rocks, dirt…  As we got up the mountain things got better – there was certainly plenty of decent skiing to be done at higher elevations but all of it would be firm: a good day for all-mountain skis.

As luck would have it, Rob had recently scored a pair of pre-production, locally engineered, boutique, dare-I-say-quiver-of-one all-mountain sticks: the Daily Bread by Worth Skis.  If you live in New England and can only afford one pair of skis, this is probably the one to get.  It features a modern geometry, with just enough early rise to keep your tips above the surface in variable conditions, just enough width to float in light pow, and a full sandwich construction and 21m radius so that you can rip GS turns all the way back to the lift.  Oh, it’s light enough to tour on, too.  Keep your eyes peeled for the full line of these New England specialists to go into full production some time in the upcoming years.
Check out Rob doing some beta-testing (you gotta zoom these in – click to enlarge):
Check out those angles…
Rob lays ’em over like a new pair of race stock GS 12s…

Gear List (click links for more info):

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